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 'A Colourful Canvas, Twelve Women Artists in the North West' by Judy Rose and Wendy J Levy,
published 2006 is available for purchase from

Wendy J Levy Contemporary Art Ltd.
  ISBN: 0954907426
Click here to view an extract.

Illustrated presentation: 18 January 2005 Cecile Elstein
'A Mindscape in a Landscape, change as a moment of abundant potential'.
Manchester Memoirs published 2006 ref: page 66.
The Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society
                                  ISSN 0076 3721

Article in Issue 1 of The Art Observer. Published in December 2005, by Wendy J Levy Contemporary Art Ltd.


Tangents Title

Click image above to download full colour booklet accompanying the DVD 'Tangents - a Mindscape in a Landscape'


'Exhibiting Gender' by Sarah Hyde. Published by Manchester University Press in Manchester (UK) and New York 1997. Paperback ISBN: 0 7190 4243 7 ref: pgs. 31, 81-83.








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