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17 September 2011

Open House and Studio
25 Spath Road, Didsbury M20 2QT

'Dancing Eye and Seeing Hand''

"...consider this proposition. The artist practices looking: he or she confronts a bit of the environment, life in the light as it is seen. However during that given moment everything is in flux. Clouds change their forms in perpetual motion across the sky, the sun moves on its course - light shimmers and falls in many arrangements over form – this perpetual change delights as it informs us of the time of day, the shapes and textures of things that are enhanced by light’s dance through space as form catches the light. We are teased with our possibilities of holding that moment of awareness in memory. The memory of that quality of awareness meets the memories of all past experience. In my desire to celebrate the drama of being in consciousness, I prepare to draw; that is to scratch, hatch, throw dust, draw a line, scrape, smudge, rub or fling ground graphite onto the paper.

From my feet on the ground to the tips of my fingers, the pencil conducts movement, a sight/sound, a symphony. Forever scribbling inadequately, impossibly as it awakes the senses of sight and touch, bringing together a greater sum than the parts. The marks on the paper are enhanced by coherence within a matrix. They marry the shimmer of light to appreciate the desire for a quality of existence and puts forward the values of living that have been here from the beginning of time. The space exists as the action of drawing with the hand starts from the feet upwards through the inner centre of awareness that flows towards the mirage of reality. In this action we can sometimes glimpse the miracle at the same moment that the charcoal touches the paper. The drama of seeing meets the drama of drawing. The trace of such action then exists in space materially to become what I name, a ‘Time Stone’. The drawing exists and in many years time will hold that moment, still."


Presented by Friends of the Whitworth Art Gallery

30 September 2009 25 Spath Road Didsbury

'Drawing from Time'

Presented by Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art Ltd.

22 May 2008 Studio of Cecile Elstein

'Two Mysteries and the Mark'

Presented by Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art Ltd.

5 March 2008 Studio of Cecile Elstein

'From earth works and rock pools to the last 30 years in Manchester'

Presented by Wendy J. Levy Contemporary Art Ltd.

24th - 26th May 2007 in the event - 'After Urban', Video Art and Architecture event, Pensylvania University USA

'Tangents, a mindscape in a landscape'

16th - 19th April 2007 Cultural Communications Centre of Klaipeda, Lithuania

'Tangents, a mindscape in a landscape'

May 2005 Screened at the Manchester Music Lovers meeting at 'Chancellors', University of Manchester UK

Presentation of video, 'Present'

18 January 2005 The Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society

Illustrated presentation:
'A Mindscape in a Landscape, change as a moment of abundant potential'.

Oct 2003 Landscape and Arts Network Conference, Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Presentation of video, 'Present'

12 June 2002 The Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester UK
Composers meeting with Head of Composition, Adam Gorb ans composer, Paul Clay

'An Introduction to 'Present' with Music by Paul Clay'

15th September 2001
Landscape and Art Network 8th birthday celebration, London E3

Introductory talk: 'Tangents, a mindscape or a load of rope '

15th May 2001 University Women's Club, Manchester, UK
Invited by Gill Goodacre-Kemp

Introductory talk: 'Tangents, a mindscape or a load of rope'

29th November 2000 Central St. Martin's London
Invited by Trish Austin, Tutor in Commercial Communication

Introductory talk: 'Tangents, a mindscape or a load of rope'

20th September 2000 Landscape Insitute, Derby
Recommended by Francis Carr for the Lancscape and Art Network

Is Art Necessary for Design?
Illustrated by 'Tangents', a mindscape or a load of rope'

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