'My earliest significant memory was when I was about four or five years old. I was walking
with my mother down a tree lined, sun filtered gravel path. Now and again I
jumped in and out of the sharp diagonal shadows made by the sun.As I kicked the gravel with
my foot in its loose, well scuffed, once brown leather sandal, I noticed a perfectly oval, white
little stone and picked it up. The smooth pebble fitted in the palm of my hand. I pulled at my
mother’s softly pleated beige skirt and, as she walked, her skirt caught the sunlight and shades
as rhythm. I interrupted this double pattern, one hard-edged and still and the other softly
moving, by catching her attention and showing her the pebble.’ Thus Cecile Elstein describes
an early moment of her heightened awareness of her surroundings and the way in which that
awareness is linked to vision,movement, rhythm and wonder. In that early experience the will
to communicate the significance of a precious moment began.

'A Colourful Canvas',  Twelve Women Artists in the North West by Judy Rose and Wendy J Levy. Pub2006